Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sacajawea State Park....or is it Sacagawea....or Sakakawea....

Sacajawea State Park is a 284-acre inland waters, day-use park at the confluence of the Snake and Columbia rivers.  There are picnic areas, swimming, boat and fishing docks, hiking and more.   We visited the park to check out the interpretive center.
The confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers

It is a small center, but packed full of exhibits about the Corps of Discovery, Sacajawea and the Sahaptian-speaking Native Americans.   There are things to touch (great for keeping kids interested - us too!), songs and spoken Sahaptian language, artifacts and lots of information about the Corps of Discovery and most importantly - Sacajawea.  It's amazing to think about how she was so young and with an infant when the Corps headed out from St Louis.  She had to endure the same hardships as the men on the journey...and care for her child!
Interpretive center and marker dedicating the park
Stone tools and Indian dwelling replica
Examples of what items were traded with other tribes

There is a marker which was placed in 1927 to show where the Corps of Discovery camped for 2 days during their journey in 1805.  They explored the area and traded with the Native people before paddling down the Columbia River to the Pacific Coast. 
The wooden pole marks the Corps of Discovery campsite

The park is open from March-October and the interpretive center suggested donation is $2 per person.

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