Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pendleton....sound familiar?

Our last night on the road before getting into Washington was spent in Pendleton, Oregon.  You may recognize the name from the famed Pendleton woolen mill.  Perhaps you have seen an wool blanket on the Antiques Road Show or owned a Pendleton shirt, skirt or jacket.  This family owned business has been here since the first Indian trade blanket came off the loom in 1909!  The factory is open for tours Mon-Fri (we visited on a Sat) and the retail store is open daily. 

The retail store has clothing, blankets, yard goods and a room with Indian artifacts from the Pendleton family.  If you want a blanket - bring the credit card.  These blankets are not inexpensive...but they will last for generations.  There is a room of 'irregular' items at substantial savings.  Sales people are happy to answer any questions about the codes used to identify flaws.

Shopping for blankets

Some if the artifacts at the Pendleton store
Pendleton is also well known for it's Round-Up which started in 1910 and has been growing every year.  The events include parades, rodeo, music, shows, Native American arts & crafts and more.  This is one of the world's largest and most anticipated western events.  If you will be in Oregon this September, add the Round-Up to your travel itinerary. 

There are a few other places work stopping at in Pendleton.  We visited the local history museum which is in the old train depot building.  Admission is $5 a person or $10 per family.  There was a local quilting exhibit while we were there and also the permanent exhibits of the history of the area.  Outside they have a log schoolhouse, cabin, barn and a caboose to examine.  Pictures aren't allowed inside the museum - sorry!

A Studebaker wagon

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