Thursday, March 28, 2013

While in Titusville, Florida - The US Space View Park

Just around the corner from the Space Walk of Fame museum is Space View park.  Take some time to explore this small area.  There are different sections with monuments to the space mission programs.  You can see the vehicle assembly building across the causeway - this is a great area to view a launch from.  There is a dock, restrooms and benches to enjoy the Florida sun and watch the seabirds.

The idea for this park was conceived in 1988 by a local physician to preserve the history of the US Space Program.   The city of Titusville liked the idea and the first section was dedicated in July of 1994. 

The Mercury missions area includes bronze hand prints of 6 of the original 7 astronauts and was completed in May of 1997.

The Gemini monument was dedicated in November of 1997. 

In July of 1999 (30 years after the Apollo 11 liftoff) the Apollo monument was started.  This area was completed and dedicated in July 2009.

The Space Shuttle program area is due to be completed this spring 2013. 

Take a little time to explore this park area and remember those who made our space program great!

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