Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall is time for the National Harvest Festival

We were in Branson a few weeks ago and spent a day enjoying Silver Dollar City's Harvest Festival.  The park has about 6 different festivals during the year and this one is a favorite of ours.  In addition to the regular craftsmen that are part of the park, there are visiting craftsmen and extra events during this time.  Some of the fun things this year included sidewalk chalk artists, paper making demonstrations, lumberjack shows, a 50 ton sand sculpture, Missouri's largest barn dance and the best of Missouri Hands artists.  These things plus more are all in addition to the regular features at the park: resident craftsmen, rides, cave tours, saloon show and other theater shows. 

Sand Sculpture

Lumberjack springboard competition

Lumberjack log rolling

There were many booths with craftspeople showing their skills.  I love pottery and  bought a new pot that you bake bread in.   Shopping at Silver Dollar City is made easier with gate delivery of packages.  You can have your purchases delivered to the exit gate area for free - no need to haul things around with you!

Bread baking pottery

In the pumpkin carving area there were heirloom specialty seeds for sale.  You can plant your own fall gourds and pumpkins for next year.

Pumpkin carver

We enjoyed the Birds of Prey show which took place in the outdoor Echo Hollow amplitheater.  There were many different birds that were shown and most were allowed to fly over the audience.



Bald Eagle

The damascus knifesmith was very informative and Dennis spent time watching him work and learning about the craft.


Different handmade knives for sale

There were woodcarvers, a man making the timbers for a log structure, a giant lathe, basket weavers, quilters, leather crafts, sculptors, painters and more.  It was a great day to enjoy watching these talented people work their crafts.

He started with a tree trunk - all done by hand

Giant lathe - he was making rolling pins

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