Sunday, September 11, 2011

Off the beaten path (WAY off - but worth it!)

Friends of ours took us to this restaurant last year - now we love to go there with them every time we are in Cancun!  Coyote's is waaayyyy out of the hotel zone and downtown area in SM 233.  They don't get tourists here and no one speaks English.  Andy & Nancy Meyer (our friends that live in Cancun) found this place when they were taken here by one of their employees.  We thought you might enjoy seeing one of the local places that the residents of Cancun enjoy.
Our first visit for this trip
The dining area
Our second visit this trip!

Coyote's is small, but with a great seafood menu.  It can be crowded - especially at lunchtime and on Sunday when families are out dining together.  The prices are reasonable and the food keeps us coming back!
The prices are reasonable
Garlic shrimp and a crab tostada
Coconut shrimp
Many types of sauces

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