Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mmmm......campfire pies!

One of our 'regular' stops driving to or from Florida is the Lodge Factory Store in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee.  They don't offer factory tours, but if you enjoy cooking with cast iron it should be on your list too!

The store is a short drive off I 24 and offers a lot of the Lodge line at prices lower that retail stores.  There is a 'backroom' which has overstocks and blemished products at greatly reduced prices.  If you have never bought cast iron before the clerks are helpful and will give you pointers.  The main thing when buying seconds is that the pits or blemishes shouldn't be on the cooking surfaces - handle or outside is OK.  The frying pans we bought were around $12 each!  That is less than half the price at stores.
Picking out the frying pans

Part of the backroom overstock and seconds

Our goal of this trip was to replace some of the items that were stolen with the Boy Scout troop trailer.  The boys (and us too) love making campfire pies and needed to replace the irons - plus pick up frying pans and dutch ovens.  If you have never made campfire pies - they are easy and kids love to make them.  There are more things to make over a fire than s'mores and hot dogs!

Dennis picks out the dutch ovens
Lots of great items!

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