Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yakov's Dinner Adventure - another great Branson show!

We had the opportunity to spend a few days in Branson last week and visit with our grandson, Gabe.  Yakov had a special on his 'Dinner Adventure' show - two for the price of one - so we had to check it out.  This special is on through the end of April, so if you are heading for Branson in the next month add this to your 'must see' list! 

Prior to the show - fun in the lobby
This is a variety type show with different short acts that are woven together in the story of a circus clown and ballerina who fall in love.  Yakov is NOT present in the show (we don't want anyone to be disappointed if they expected to see Yakov) but he narrates the story on big screens to the sides of the stage.  Russian acrobat Andrei Soumiatin and Russian ballerina Marina Bolkchakova play the 2 main characters.  You may have seen them on the Showboat Branson Belle in the past few years or earlier on a Royal Caribbean cruise.  They continue to entertain and amaze the audience with their balance and strength.  Other acts include a fire dancer, unicycle, Russian Cossacks, dancing bears and fun surprises.  There is some audience participation and of course dinner!

Dancing and cycling bears
Dinner is served at intermission.  There are small tables that swing up on each theatre seat.  You are given a bottle of water when entering the show - so don't drink it all before your food comes out!  It can be a little cramped eating like this, think of an airplane meal.  We didn't have any problems...but we were seated on an aisle.  The dinners were tasty and hot.  Real china, silverware, cloth napkins plus each tray had a little battery operated candle!  Dessert was served later, a cake and strawberry combination, in a lighted plastic martini glass that you get to keep.

Dinner included brisket, chicken breast, mashed potatoes, mixed veg, corn muffin and tomato soup
 The total cost for us was $33.24.  A great price for a couple to see a show and have dinner!  This deal is through the end of April.  

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